My moving experience was an enjoyable one. Immediately after I booked my move, I received a call from an agent who walked me through the different steps of the process. On the day of the move, the movers showed up on time and were very courteous, efficient and professional. Since I was moving to a new state, I was nervous about my move – but the MyMovingPeople team, held my hand and provided a sense of comfort. I would definitely use them again.

Kathy F.

The communication was spot on, they were very professional and well branded in uniform. The guys were very kind and worked quickly and efficiently. I would recommend or hire them again if I needed help moving.

Ashleigh H.

I was very pleased with my decision to chooseMyMovingPeople. My family and I move atleast once every two years because of my job. I needed 6 men who would unload three 26 ft. trucks filled with heavy furnitureand numerous boxes filled with books – that needed to be moved into our new three-storey home. The men arrived on time and worked nonstop to finish the job within the allotted time requested. Good job, very professional.

Stefon S.

When I bought my new house, the closing was the same day of my move, and time was of the essence. The men had stored my items a few weeks prior in storage, they did such a good job that I requested the same men to make the transition into my new home. Again they were on time, they worked hard around the clock to finish in the 4hrs allotted. Thanks for a smooth relocation MyMovingPeople, I would definitely recommend.

Kathy F. was recommended to me by a colleague, as I was moving into a new office. The men had to move 6 lateral file cabinets, 4 desks, 2 sofas and about 80 boxes down 3 storeys of steps and then up 2 flights of stairs at our new location. I would say the communication was spot on. All my furnishings were properly wrapped, no dents or bruises. Angelo the team leader was very polite and professional and they even stayed back 30 minutes over, at no extra cost, to help arrange my furniture. Thanks MyMovingPeople, I will definitely use again.

Howard D

When I requested moving help on line, I was immediately contacted to my surprise. Michael, the agent I spoke with was very helpful in walking me through the necessary steps I needed to take before the men arrived. They were very calm and polite, and they took excellent care of my items. I would definitely use them again.

Mark M.